Advancing Health & Economic Opportunities for All Communities

The Health Equity Project is an aggressive, national effort to reinvest in marginalized communities and redesign the nation’s two-tiered health and social service system in favor of a truly integrated, equitable health model that works for individuals, families, providers, and investors. Comprised of committed individuals, organizations, policy leaders, and investors, the group seeks to transform how citizens of the U.S. can realize health and wellbeing within systems designed with access, dignity, transparency, quality, and affordability as the primary determinants for equity.

The first phase of the Health Equity Project emphasizes health and social system transformation at the local, regional, and national level through three spheres of influence:

Health Transformation: Utilize technology to strengthen the core of our nation’s current safety net infrastructure, demonstrate the economic efficiencies that are possible through the alignment of financial resources, and scale evidence-based health models that enhance community wellbeing

Thriving Communities: Establish data instruments that illustrate a sophisticated view of the impact of capital investment on wellbeing in a public health and community infrastructure

National Dialogue on Health Equity and Social Determinants: Develop research briefs, strategic communications, cross-industry and cross-community conversations, and associated tools to reframe the national discussion towards a vision of truly integrated, truly equitable access to health and wellbeing for all

Subsequent phases of this effort will pursue other critical reforms in criminal justice and education reforms.