December 16, 2021

National Initiative to Advance Health Equity Launches; Releases Issue Brief Series on Social Determinants of Health

Chicago, IL, December 16, 2021 – Third Horizon Strategies (THS) announces the launch of The Health Equity Project – a national coalition of individuals, organizations, policy leaders, and investors seeking to transform the nation’s health care and social safety net systems to improve equitable access to care for all. Coinciding with the launch, the Health Equity Project – in partnership with THS, Algorex Health, and Pareto Intelligence – released the first three briefs in a series that establishes a comprehensive framework to evaluate opportunities to bolster health equity and address social determinants of health (SDOH) among Medicaid beneficiaries.

“The interconnectedness between health outcomes and overall health care costs and social determinants of health is undeniable,” says David Smith, CEO and Founder of Third Horizon Strategies, which is convening the Health Equity Project. “Yet, we’ve relied on an underfunded “safety net” system to solve issues of housing, poverty, food insecurity, and other factors that significantly impact health. It is time that we better leverage Medicaid and other local, state, and federal resources to yield results that benefit every member of every community.”

The series of issue brief focuses on seven distinct SDOH: Housing instability, food insecurity, activity of daily living, transportation, isolation, violence, and joblessness. Pareto Intelligence and Algorex Health served as data partners on the project, helping to perform quantitative data analyses (including health care claims data analysis and predictive data modeling to measure social risk) to assess the economic case for addressing SDOH through Medicaid benefit design.

“The data strengthens the value case for states to use Medicaid as a lever to break down traditional silos between the health system and the housing sector to meet the needs of each individual by aligning the most impactful services,” said Jacob Luria, President and Co-Founder of Algorex Health. “By doing so, states will not only reduce overall state spending, but improve the health of Medicaid beneficiaries.”

“Mitigating SDOH is a key component to achieving health equity and improving value-based outcomes,” explains Zain Jafri, Vice President of Innovation & Analytics at Pareto intelligence. “This series of briefs introduces a framework that can help states examine the multi-faceted options at their disposal. It allows them to address SDOH and develop thoughtful, innovative approaches to improving value-based outcomes for all individuals.”

The housing instability and food insecurity briefs, along with an introductory brief, are available on the Health Equity Project website here. Additional briefs will be available in early January. The series of briefs will continue to be incrementally updated, incorporating additional data, insights, and evidence.

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The Health Equity Project is an aggressive, national effort to reinvest in marginalized communities and redesign the nation’s two-tiered health and social service system in favor of a truly integrated, equitable health model that works for individuals, families, providers, and investors. Comprised of committed individuals, organizations, policy leaders, and investors, the group seeks to transform how citizens of the U.S. can realize health and wellbeing within systems designed with access, dignity, transparency, quality, and affordability as the primary determinants for equity. For more information, please visit   

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